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\(^▽^*)Welcome(*^▽^)/ to my humble blog. I post random things from fashion to fandoms to memes. Especially Brain Farts. I track the tag brainfartproblems :)

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Remember that time Hank and Snooki were at the airport together?


how the fuck 



Miss last night’s episode? We’ve got it for you here!

We’re obsessed.

So this blog is basically dead

I will be deleting (I guess just moving this blog to another email?) and I’m just going to start fresh with a new blog. This blog was basically created to get as many followers as I could and it’s getting boring. I’ll visit this account once in a while, but I really want to change my primary blog to something else. byebye, I’m moving onto better stuff :)


@Sketch_Dailies catching up with the sketches


best fanart of all time

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